Amaryllis Flower and Bulb Care

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  Amaryllis -roots soaking
It is a good idea to soak the dried roots of newly bought Ammaryllis bulbs overnight before potting. Make sure the base of the bulb does not touch the water.

Newly bought Amaryllis bulbs, that are usually sold from fall through winter, should be potted up right away.  All others should be repotted in early spring, just before they begin a new cycle of growth or start to bloom. Read on for precise instructions on how to pot your Amaryllis bulbs.

When Should I Repot my Amaryllis? Generally you should repot your amaryllis in a completely fresh mix every 3-4 years, as they do grow best undisturbed. Every year, or so, its help to pop the bulb out of the pot and rejuvenate the mix as shown in our step-by-step repotting guide.

What Potting mix Should I Use? Use a fresh batch of a commercial sterile houseplant or container plant mix. If the pot is large, or you tend to overwater, add some perlite or orchid bark to the mix.

What Size Pot Should I Use?  
Amaryllis do best potbound so only use a pot slightly larger than the bulb. I like to leave about 1.5"-2" from the bulb to the edge of the pot. I prefer to use plastic pots as this reduces salt build-up and plants do not need as much watering as they do in clay pots. As my bulbs get  larger, producing two or more spikes a season, they develop a large root system. I prefer not to trim the roots and will use a larger pot to accomodate the bulbs/roots. At this size, I prefer using half, or azalea, pots as  the roots do not seem to require a lot of depth. Shorter squatter pots are also more stable.

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